Hello funky folks! The sun is out, the days are longer, and the kids are getting restless – it’s clear what time of year it is. Yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s Summer Camp time!

Now, we know you’re all thinking about how to keep your smallies and tallies entertained during the balmy days of July and August. We’re inviting you to secure a spot for your kids (or teens) at the highest-rated summer camp Cork has to offer.

This year, we’re pulling out all the stops with some spectacular water-based activities on our sunny beachfront. Imagine your youngsters splashing around, basking under the radiant sun, and creating unforgettable memories. Don’t just imagine it; make it happen!

Watch as their confidence soars, their skills grow, and the smiles get wider. The fun happens under the watchful eyes of trained professionals: safety is guaranteed while giving them space to explore at their own pace.

Your sprogs will enjoy a jam-packed session from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. The day is broken down into modules to keep things exciting, while infusing a good dose of learning, laughter, and guidance.

A couple of things to note: participants need to bring their own full-length wetsuits & booties, a packed lunch, and please, arrive suited up and ready to dive into the day so nobody is waiting. Don’t have a wetsuit yet? Give us a ring, we’ll see if we have one that’ll suit!

We’re offering two fantastic summer camp options: one for kids aged 8-12, and the other for teens aged 13-17. Both camps are designed to cater to all levels of ability and enthusiasm.

For the younger crowd, we’ve got activities that offer oodles of fun and excitement. Picture them zooming around in sit-on-top kayaks, riding passenger boats, and exploring with sea kayaking. There’s so much more to discover on the beach this summer. It’s all about growth, making friends, and having an absolute blast!

Sound good? Good! You can sign them up here. If you have any questions, you can give us a call on 087 2611 173

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